James Bond Movie Challenge: Casino Royale (New Version)

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So, I’m attempting to watch all the James Bond movies as listed here. You know, to stretch out of my comfort zone of what I might normally watch and because James Bond is such an iconic part of our culture. Even before I had ever watched a James Bond movie, I knew who he was.

SPOILER ALERT for Casino Royale (new version) beyond this point. Even with things that have been out for a while, I still feel like it’s my fair duty to warn people in case they really, really don’t want it spoiled for them.

You can definitely see how far movies have come between the last Bond film I watched and this one. Modern action adventure films are way more exciting than the older ones, in my opinion, just because of the number and kinds of stunts and special effects that they’re able to do now. Also, way cooler cars haha. This movie also wastes no time in getting to the action scenes, so if you like to hit the ground running, definitely you would probably like this movie. No slow plot building here, just chucked into the action. Though it is funny that it’s called Casino Royale, but the first time that’s mentioned is almost an hour into the movie.

There were a few times in the movie I did wonder why they made some of the choices they made, but it didn’t ruin the movie overall, just made me go, “Why would they do that?” Like the guy driving the fuel truck/bomb tries a lot of stupid driving to get Bond to fall off the top. I was like “Hello, you are driving a gigantic bomb. If you hit something, it’s gonna explode.” It hits a couple of things without exploding though, I guess it probably has to for the movie haha. Like it hits a bus and the bus explodes, but the fuel truck just drives right through it likes it’s nothing. There is also another scene where it jumps really abruptly from the poker dealer saying let’s continue the game to Bond suddenly being back in his hotel room, which I found a little weird and had to watch twice, just to make sure my DVD didn’t skip or something. And the evil chick is wearing a like super revealing leather outfit in one of the scenes and I was like why, just why? How it that outfit appropriate for a kidnapping?

And of course, the movie has the lovely Dame Judi Dench in it. Superb acting from her as usual. And from all the cast really. This bond film also had some very witty lines. And who doesn’t love witty lines?

They make several references in this movie about Bond liking married women – why?? Is it the thrill of the chase? Something forbidden? I don’t know, but it really turns me off of him. That is not a very honorable characteristic. But I do like that Miss Lynd isn’t head over heels in love with him from the moment they meet and actually seems kind of annoyed with him. Though the way he sucks on her fingers during the shower scene is a little weird, at least it was to me. I get what he was trying to do, but that seemed like a weird way to do it. Also, I so did not see Miss Lynd taking off with all the money and being connected to that. Totally blindsided. But her killing herself was not a surprise because I think she really did fall for Bond and felt badly that she betrayed him.

Overall, the movie was not half bad. Some of the ending was kind of sucky – Bond didn’t even have to do anything to get himself out of the torture situation alive.

Also, lessons learned from this movie: If you are a bad guy, engaged in bad things, don’t answer your phone because they’ll use it as a way to spot you lol.

Oh, a fun fact about this movie. One of the scenes takes place in a museum (the Miami Science Center I think) but over the loudspeaker in the background you can hear them talking about an exhibit called Body Worlds. I have seen the bill boards around town advertising the Body Worlds exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum now. So I did some checking and sure enough, the mention the same guy in the description for the exhibit at MPM as they do in the movie, so hey, it might be pretty cool to check out. Hidden connections, I’m just geeky like that.

Also, two additional James Bond question. Maybe there is a more dedicated fan out there that can answer these. First is James Bond a code name? Like he’s played by all these different actors and Nick says that’s just through Hollywood magic and it’s all the same person, but at the beginning of this film, he had to earn his 00 status. So I was wondering if James Bond is just a code name and that’s why so many people have it. Tell me your thoughts on that!

Second, do all major Bond villains have something wrong with them? First with Dr. No it was his hand, in Casino Royale the villain Le Chiffre clearly has something wrong with him from the first time we meet him with the bloody tear and the use of his inhaler multiple times. Just wondering if this was a common theme among Bond villains. Le Chiffre is a pretty bad villain by the way. He almost lets his woman get her hand cut off for his mistake. He doesn’t even try to stop it.  And the torture he puts Bond through is really hardcore. Also, one of the lesser villains in this movie fights with a sword, which is super cool haha.

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