Mom Challenge Day 2: No Yelling

Like I said a while ago, I like to take challenges and spread them out. For fun and for stretching and growing myself. I have been slowly working my way through this mom challenge here. Day two says, “Go the whole day without yelling.”

I am not always so good at this one. I strive not to yell most of the time. I haven’t seen it be particularly effective for getting Dominic to listen any better (and sometimes it makes the situation even worse) and all it really is, is a sign that I am not keeping my cool. I’m the adult in the situation, I should be able to control myself and maintain my calm better than a child could. But I’m a human and can lose my cool just like anyone else.

Anyways,  so with that in mind, I start the day with that in my head and kept thinking about it all day. I almost made it the whole day, I only lost my cool at bed time. I hate to say that, but you know what, I’m human it happens. He was having an irrational melt down about not wanting to put on his pjs and he was kicking me and screaming and I was tired and it was so out of character for him because he usually loves to get his pjs on and I just yelled at him. Not much, but I still did and like I have experienced, it changed nothing. It worked better to distract him with the next part of our bedtime routine – reading a book – and by the time he picked out a book (Curious George’s ABCs) he was much calmer.

I do think that it helped me to consciously think about it all day because then it was sort of there in my mind instead of waiting until it’s the middle of a heated moment and then trying to remember to stay calm. If I can remember calmness first then it is much easier, I found, to be calm in the heat of the moment because calmness was already on my mind. I think I will try to think about this more every day.

Anyways, what are your tips for not yelling and/or being calm while you a disciplining your child or while in the middle of a stressful child situation (tantrums, etc)?

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