Life Update: May 28th, 2014


Nick is doing well, I think. He’s having a good month at the dealership, which is great, since he had a couple of slow months previous to this. It’s rough sometimes with him being a car salesman and our income being so unstable but such is the life. We have been able to see that he is doing better, averaging better, at this new dealership than at his last one, so that’s something. His sisters were just here visiting last week, so that was good for him too I think. And of course, the Roughnecks are doing well so that never hurts haha.


I have been doing pretty good. I’ve been in a pretty good routine lately, most days, which is helping, and I haven’t been feeling too awful, most days, which is also helping. I have some big goals set ahead for myself and I am loving that I have energy to accomplish them again. Other than that, things are very much the same old same old.


Man, I can’t believe he has been two for almost a whole month now. It’s also crazy to me just how much he’s talking when I think about how little he was talking this time last year. He’s saying more and more (extremely simple) sentences and it’s just a delight to watch him grow and learn. We are reading lots of books and playing lots and enjoying the nice weather. He loves to help me in the kitchen, helping me with simple cooking things, emptying the dishwasher, putting the soap in the dishwasher, things like that. He is so helpful when he wants to be helpful. I usually share a picture when I do these updates, but I don’t have any recent pictures that aren’t on Facebook already, so sorry Facebook friends of mine, for the repeat picture. Snuggling in the basement, sharing a snack, while we watched Nick and his sisters play Super Mario Bros.


Player Four

I can’t believe I am almost to the half way point in my pregnancy. I have been feeling him/her move pretty much every day for a few weeks now. Sometime in June, we will have our anatomy scan and hopefully find out then if he/she cooperates. I’m getting excited but also nervous. When it is just me at home, they will outnumber me. But I think I will be okay. Dominic is a good helper and pretty independent. And Nick greenlighted me to go buy some maternity clothes at Goodwill when we get some more money in the bank. Which is good, because most of my pre-pregnancy pants are super, super uncomfortable, even though I can get by with wearing them, and having two pairs of maternity pants just isn’t cutting it with a toddler. I mean, I know the guy from Levi’s says he never washes his jeans, but I am forever getting stuff on my clothes. Okay, so this update was more about everybody else, but what can I say? There’s not a ton happening with Player Four haha. He/she is just chilling out in my uterus and growing.

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