Dominic’s Cupboard

So you may have recently seen on Facebook that I totally rearranged my kitchen cupboards (and found a Reese’s in the process!). Lest you think that I did this just because I love rearranging (I kind of don’t) or because I wanted to have my kitchen taken over by canned goods for a day or two (mid-rearranging), I did have a purpose for this rearranging that I did.

It was for the sole purpose of creating Dominic’s cupboard. This is a cupboard containing basically everything that Dominic needs for meal times. This idea sort of came about for a couple of reasons. One, Dominic is a pretty independent child and we like to encourage that natural sense of independence to grow, so we are always trying to find ways that he can do things. Two, I already know he can help me empty the dishwasher and put things away, so I was pretty sure it could work in reverse. Three, he likes to help, especially in the kitchen, so this seemed like another way he could help.


On the top row you can see his cups, wash cloths, bowls, and plates. On the bottom you can see my overflow canned vegetables (only thing that’s not Dominic’s haha), an empty clean wipes container that holds his silverware, and his bibs.

What this cupboard has allowed him to do is help get ready for meal times. I can say to him, can you get a plate or a bowl or whatever else we need for this particular meal, and he brings it to the table before climbing up onto his spot. He really loves it and I love this way to get him involved. It’s like a pre-cursor to someday setting the whole table. Or if he’s drinking a glass of water and spills some on the floor, he can get a wash cloth and help clean it up, which he also loves to do.

Is it messy sometimes? Yes, sometimes Dominic will pull everything or almost everything out since part of his cupboard meant taking off the lock so that he could access it at all times, but I think the trade-off in allowing Dom to participate is worth it. I try to let him participate in a lot of things when it’s safe and sometimes the downside is that it’s messier or slower or even sometimes a little more frustrating having him help me. But that is how he learns and grows and explores. I have long since let go of my idea of having a perfect house – that was never me, anyways, to begin with, it’s not secret but I don’t love housework haha. But I do love finding ways to involve Dominic and to work alongside him. It’s something that most of the time is simply wonderful.

Oh and as a bonus, sometimes he plays with the stuff in his cupboard when I’m doing things in the kitchen he can’t help with (taking stuff in and out of the oven and other dangerous things for a little person), so that’s a nice way to distract him too.

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