Friday’s Fave Five – 6/6/14

I’m linking up today with Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five, which is a link up where you look at the things you have been grateful for in the past week and share your five favorites!

1. Having a great weekend at my parents

We visited my parents last weekend for my youngest sister’s graduation and we had an exhausting, but great visit. Dominic really loves hanging out with his grandma and grandpa and the puppies (Jesse especially) and I’m looking forward to having some more time to spend with them in a few weeks.


2. Finally getting an ultrasound scheduled

I can not tell you what a hassle it has been just to schedule a simple ultrasound. They kept rejecting the orders from my midwife for (what I think are) silly reasons. Or the first couple of times they just told me they didn’t have it all together (which was not true). I guess they have a new manager at scheduling who changed things up. Eventually after a week of trying pretty much every day (except the weekend), I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week. This is our first one this pregnancy and I’m excited to see that little person in there, make sure he/she growing healthy, and hopefully find out whether he or she! I’m so glad it’s finally scheduled and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. And I’m thankful for my great midwife who had a lot of patience with me as we tried to work this out (I know that’s what she’s for, but I felt bad having to call and say again, ‘Now they’re saying they need x’).

3. Immediately being able to find someone to watch Dominic during that appointment

I’m not going to lie – sometimes I stress about childcare. Finding someone who is available  to watch Dominic isn’t always easily, especially during the day time hours on a weekday when people are often working or at school/in class. Especially since we don’t often need someone to watch Dominic because we usually shift or rearrange our schedules between Nick and me to get it covered and so the only time we really need someone usually is if we both are going somewhere together without him. Dominic comes along with me to all of my other prenatal appointments, but I really wanted to do this one just Nick and me and not have to worry about keeping him entertained and out of trouble. Anyways, I texted Sarah (Dominic’s Godmother) and within fifteen minutes of my having a confirmed appointment, I also had someone to watch him. Huge blessing and weight off my shoulders.

4. Dominic hugging the baby

Since our trip, Dominic has started hugging the baby, where he wraps his arms around my stomach. It is adorable and reminds me all the time how grateful I am to have these two kiddos. I think Dominic will love being an older brother.

5. Cooking tasty, satisfying food

It’s amazing how much we can take for granted that food can taste good and satisfy us. This time around this pregnancy, even now in the second trimester, I’ve had a lot more food aversion and things I previously loved don’t always taste that great to me anymore. So last night when I cooked an awesome dinner that was both tasty and satisfying, it was great. It wasn’t too hard of a dinner or anything fancy, but it’s nice to eat something tasty and satisfying.

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