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Do you have plans for your summer? I hope they include lots of reading! I hope your plans year-round include reading, but summer is a great time to read, especially for kids. One, because it helps prevent brain drain and two, because there are often lots of awesome reading programs your kids can sign up for in the summer. The first place to check is your local library because many have kids’ programs in the summer and some even have reading programs for adults! Two other places that offer reading programs are Half Price Books and Barnes and Noble. I know there are more out there, but those are two that come to mind. Reading is a fantastic thing to do and, if you are already going to do it anyways, why not be involved in a fun program? Or it could be a little extra incentive to kids who may be more reluctant readers.

And because I can’t get enough of my kid reading or reading to my kid, here is a gallery of pictures of Dominic reading 🙂 There are not as many pictures as I thought there were considering I want to take a picture like every time I catch him reading. He loves to read, even brings books to read into his bed at bedtime.


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