Etsy Store Spotlight: NightengaleNicknacks

You all know that every once in a while, I like to use my blog to share the love and promote ventures that my friends are working on, because it’s like a tiny way I can support them and because I want to share the love. So I’m very pleased today to bring you the recently opened Etsy shop of my good friend Amber and her husband Adam: NightengaleNicknacks.

Right now the shop is filled with these gorgeous paintings of planets, that would make a great decoration for your house and even for a kids’ room that had a space theme! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think this one (pictured below) is my personal favorite of all the paintings.

They are also open to customizing these pictures (imagine the possibilities – say you were giving your child’s room a space theme, you could have it customized just for them and their room) as well as making custom paintings. They are really great people so if you have a question on whether or not they could make or do something for you, make use of that message function on Etsy and ask them! I think in the future, you will also see more from them, so it’s a great idea to favorite their shop to keep an eye on what they will come up with next. Truly these are beautiful works of art, so head on over and check them all out now! I just shared one of over a dozen gorgeous paintings – so go see for yourself!

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