Short Fiction – She Dared

Just a short little piece I wrote up to keep exercising my fiction muscles. I hope you like it! I hope I enjoy writing for the rest of my life. Oh and if you haven’t voted in the Player Four baby gender poll yet, vote here. P.S. Now with embarrassing typo fixed. Sigh. It was a rough-ish morning.

 She Dared

She dared not look back. Not for one second. One second would be too long and then she would feel remorse, regret, and an immense sadness come over her. 

No, she dared not look back and see the fire she had set. By the time this was all over and the structure had burned to the ground, she wanted to be long gone. Gone to a place where no one knew her, where no one looked upon her face with pity and shame. A place where no one questioned her scars and no one whispered her name as she walked past. A place where she could be free. 

Because this town, this place, they won’t ever let her forget that night. That night when her car plummeted over the edge and her family of three became a family of one. 

She wasn’t driving that night, but she let everyone believe that she was. Let them hate her. Let them say terrible things about her, but they better never say a word about him. That man was a saint and she loved him. And she knew she shouldn’t have let him drive that evening, she knew it, but sometimes, she wondered if she really did and if that was just something she said because she wished it had been her fault. Maybe that was the real reason she let everyone blame her. 

She came to her car, brand new and shiny – insurance had paid for a new one – and placing her hand on the handle, she dared to look back on that house, going up in flames. The house where they had eaten dinner every night and chased each other around the yard until they laughed so hard they fell down. The house where her daughter had taken her first steps, where she had said her first words, where they had snuggled with her every night. All their memories were in that house, but now the house would be gone and maybe it would take the memories with it, because they were too painful for her to hold onto anymore. 

She got in her car and just like that, she was gone too. 



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