DIY Ice Packs with Dish Soap – Does It Work?

So you may or may not have seen a pin on Pinterest that claims you can DIY your ice packs with dish soaps in a baggie. I thought, hmm, this is intriguing because it claims to be moldable. We have a lot of ice packs in our freezer but some are giant which aren’t really that useful except for whole coolers of things and I would say almost all of them, if not all of them, are very hard and rigid, not moldable in the least. So I thought if I could cheaply hack a DIY moldable ice pack, that would be fantastic!  So I thought, let me put it to the test, as I have tested other seen-on-Pinterest things here. So, using the link from my original pin, I followed the instructions here. They are pretty simple, but note that I did not add the rubbing alcohol, since it didn’t say ratios or anything like that, I didn’t want to mess with it.

So here’s my before picture of it before it went in the freezer. Making it definitely got an easy grade, except for the double bagging part which I did to help prevent leaks. It was really hard to get a very fluid bag of soap into a separate bag but I did manage. It just didn’t look very pretty. But honestly, do you care how pretty your ice packs are? Cause I really don’t.


I put it in the freezer at 1:50 PM . . .

and I returned to it at around 7:30 PM.

It did get much firmer when it got cold, but it still retained a lot of flexibility. You can see in the picture here laid flat and then right after that I took another one where I curled it up.

IMG_0445 IMG_0446

So as a DIY, I’d say this is pretty legit. Easy, cost-effective, and easily replaceable. I (unfortunately) even had a chance to test it out tonight when Dominic bumped his head on the table crawling out from getting something under it. He was really upset so I asked him if he’d like to put something cold on his head. He agreed and actually really liked it – he would have kept playing with it all evening if I had let him haha! Even after I put it away he asked for it later when he didn’t have any sort of injury. I think he liked the way he could mold and shape it. I also liked that I didn’t super have to worry about it getting wrecked because it wasn’t like I had spent tons of money on it (I looked at reusable cold packs online out of curiosity and the CVS brand 1 reusable cold pack was 6 dollars!). I also liked that I knew what was in it so I didn’t have to worry what if it leaked and got on Dominic’s hands or whatever, because it was just dish soap and if it’s safe to use on what we eat with, then it’s not going to harm him if it’s on his hands. I know the ones you buy at the store say non-toxic, but I always remember wondering as a kid what exactly went in them and I really, really didn’t like it if they got on my hands because it was some weird mysterious liquid that I didn’t know what it was. So that was nice too. So all in all, like I said, not a bad DIY to undertake.




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