To My Friends

Hi friends, near and far,

I wanted to take time to thank you today, because I don’t think I say it often enough. It can be easy to take friends for granted, especially in this age of social media. I know I am guilty of this too, which is why I’m trying to take a little time today and remember and be grateful for my friends.

I truly believe we were made to be social creatures and that having strong friendships can make a huge difference in the life of someone. I know it’s made a huge difference at times. I know I’ve struggled before with not feeling like I have friends, but the truth is I couldn’t always see the friends I had right in front of me.

You friends, have accepted me as who I am, awkwardness, weirdness, geekiness and all and I am so glad for that. We’ve had some crazy times and we’ve done some fun things and we’ve had great times even if that just means talking the whole night, it’s still a great time.

And some of you have been there through the rough times for me and stood by my side and for that, you are amazing. Especially my mommy friends who walked this path before me and assured me that yes, my kids will turn out just fine and that I am a good mom. There is some great reassurance in having other friends who are also moms and for you I am extremely grateful. This is not to discount my childless friends, for I greatly value your company as well.

You friends have also believed in me, even when I found it hard to believe in myself. You have supported me and encouraged me, even in some of my crazy dreams. You have inspired me and pushed me to do greater things and to be a better me. We have come to grow together. You’ve given me a safe place to vent my outrage at what’s wrong in the world and a springboard to imagine that it could come to be a better place.

Some of you’ve I’ve grown up with, gone to school with, have known a long time. Others of you live far away, met only on my travels, but have never left my heart. Others of you, I’ve been brought together with through the internet, finding common bonds and realities even hundreds or thousands of miles apart. But you all share one thing in common – you are all very special to me. I am grateful to everything you have added to my life, even if only for a season. My life has been richer, fuller, better for having known you.

Cheers to my friends, for all our good times and for all our times to come,


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