Our Worth and the Internet

Your story matters because it’s part of another story; one much bigger and older than you. – Lisa Jo Baker, “Because your story matters more than your stats”

I have to admit, when I write this blog I never expect anyone to read it. I honestly hope people do and there are some people who I know who almost always read it, but I never expect anyone to read it.

And sometimes that makes me feel like I am not as important as some other big blogger here or there, but I realize that is silly. Our worth isn’t determined by how many likes or shares we get. I think the internet, in some ways, makes it too easy to measure our worth on some arbitrary scale.

But we are so much more than that. We are human beings. And we matter, we all matter, our stories all matter, because of who we are. And because of who we are in Him. We are important and valuable to Him, each and every single one of us. That is the story that is much bigger and older than us that we are a part of. The story of His never-ending love. That is why we matter.

We, as humans, are forever turning towards the wrong place to find our self-esteem. It is unhealthy to turn to the internet to find our self-esteem. We are worth so much more than the internet will ever be able to measure. We are invaluable, every one of us.

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