James Bond Challenge: Goldfinger

So last night I watched Goldfinger as part of my challenge to watch all the James Bond movies. I have to say, I am not entirely sure if James Bond is really my thing, now that I’ve watched the 4th movie, but I think watching and reading things I might not normally is a great way to stretch your brain and so I will keep on with it. Plus, the benefit of not totally loving them is that I may (just a bit) over-analyze them. (Haha) This review does contain spoilers, so keep that in mind and don’t read ahead if you care.

This is another one of the earlier movies with Sean Connery. For some reason, this time around, I found it more irksome. It was a lot harder for this one to hold my attention – I kept dozing off during it. Of course, that may also have been due to being pregnant and having a toddler which leads to general exhaustion, but still, if the show is interesting enough, it usually doesn’t have that effect on me.

Also, I swear like every woman has the hots for James Bond and it gets old after a while. It’s like yeah, yeah, enough already. Also, the bad guys come after him when he’s trying to get on with the ladies, so you think he would learn by now that the women are either a) in on it with the bad guys or b) distracting and the bad guys get him or the lady. You think he would learn.

Also, seeing a person’s body covered completely in gold is kind of cool. Even though it’s really not healthy. But it looks like a perfect gold statue. Is this morbid? Probably.

Also, this is the second Bond film I’ve seen where the bad guys include a group of Chinese. I don’t want to play the racial profiling type card, but I do wonder if this is indicative of the political climate of the time when they were made. I mean, it was made in 1964, we were in the middle of the cold war, anti-communism was not at it’s all time high, but I think it was generally still around, so I have to wonder if that’s why the Chinese always seem to be involved.

And, the Goldfinger song is pretty catchy. I still can’t get it out of my head today even though I watched the movie last night.

Also, one of the main leading ladies, her name is Pussy Galore. Why, just why, would you give her that name? I mean just, come on. When I heard her be introduced I just had to shake my head.

Something I did like was that the car had pretty sweet gadgets, including a passenger seat ejector which of course we get to see in action (even though they tell him never to use it – but since when does Bond listen?) I did also love the cool laser and the clever use of a hat as a weapon by one of the villains.

Also, nitpicky thing, towards the end, Goldfinger tries to hijack the plane and Bond destroys a window which Goldfinger gets sucked out of. My question is, I know this depressurized the cabin, so wouldn’t you lose oxygen and eventually pass out? Because Bond never passes out and goes to the cockpit to help Pussy (who is flying the plane) and they jump out with a parachute. At that altitude wouldn’t they have passed out? Or am I just not understanding how it works? (Yesterday my sister-in-law told me this is why smart people shouldn’t watch movies, LOL).

Oh well, on to the next one!

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