100 Must Eat American Foods Challenge: Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and Tomatoes

All right, so I’m working my way through this list here, trying my best to eat everything on it. I am going to skip around a bit, even though I really don’t want to. I am putting off the New Mexican green chiles because I currently haven’t found a way of procuring them. I am putting off tasso ham, huckleberry pie, and boiled peanuts because they are currently too cost prohibitive. I’m putting off Maine lobster and the buffalo burger because they will each require a visit to a restaurant. I’m putting off low country boil (even though it sounds amazing!) because I can’t find a recipe that isn’t huge for it and I don’t have a pot big enough to make a huge one – I’m also trying to find if there’s a restaurant around here that might serve it, but so far, no luck. I’m putting off Eggs Benedict because I don’t think my culinary skills are quite there to pull off the Hollandaise sauce yet and because things that require constant stirring are tricky to do with little ones underfoot. I’m putting off pastrami on rye while I figure out where to get pastrami locally. And I’m putting off corned beef and cabbage mainly because that is a dish that is so strongly associated with St. Patrick’s Day that I thought it would be neat to do that nearer to actual St. Patrick’s Day. I feel bad putting off so many and I worry sometimes I will have to suspend the challenge without finishing it, but then I remind myself I’m only a third of a way through a list of over 100 and that even if I did one a week from here on out, it would take me over a year, plus I’m taking a blogging break around the time of Allen’s birth anyways, so I have plenty of time to try all these things.

So that leaves me  at the everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to toast it, so I consulted the lovely ladies of the Foodie Geeks Facebook group I belong to. The consensus was almost overwhelmingly to toast it, so toast it I did.

And let me tell you, toasting it was definitely the right decision. I am so sad that I have never tried this combination earlier! It was excellent, I really, really enjoyed it. And what a way to get in some fruit to start your day, if you’re not up to cooking a big breakfast. I am definitely going to be eating this (or something similar) again in the future. It was easy and enjoyable. Plus, I love bagels. Like seriously. I want to eat all the bagels.


My everything bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes. The only thing I’d change is next time I’d spread the cream cheese a bit thicker and cut the tomatoes a bit thinner for a better ratio.


Bonus, here’s Dominic eating his first bagel with cream cheese (that I know of anyways, maybe Nick has given him one, I don’t know lol). Normally he eats his bagels with “regular” butter or peanut butter or jam.


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