Travel the World in Reading Books Challenge

So, if you may remember I was doing the mom challenge, but as sometimes happens with the internet the link poof! disappeared. I didn’t have a screen shot or anything saved anywhere, so I’m just out of luck – oh well. I have discovered I really, really like to use this blog to do challenges and so while it won’t be all challenges, I’m picking up another one in its place. I think I like to do challenges so much because I just see it as a way of stretching and growing myself – a way to do something different, to get out of my comfort zone, and to also grow and stretch myself.

I picked the Travel the World in Reading Books challenge, even though it is another books challenge, because I really love to read and the challenge matter was really interesting to me. The goal is to read books outside your horizons, set in, or written by, authors from different countries. As you may know, I absolutely love to travel. Well, I can’t always travel the way I want to now – my passport still needs to be changed from my maiden name and we have a lack of funds preventing us from traveling too far anyways. But in my heart, I still have that desire to travel the world, I still have that desire to explore, and I don’t see that going anywhere anytime soon. So if I can’t explore in person, at least I can explore from my La-Z-Boy 😉

There are a few things I am supposed to determine in starting out. Length of time. Hmmm, I’m going to leave this open-ended as far as length of time because, as you’ll see in a second, I am setting a very full plate for myself. Because the next criteria is number of countries that I’m going to read about. I am going to attempt to read about every single country (and territory) listed in the CIA world fact book. I do not know how possible this will be, as some of them are fairly new and so who knows how many books have been written about them? (South Sudan being one example, but if I push that towards the end, maybe then there will be more literature related to South Sudan.) But I am going to attempt and because I am attempting such a huge, massive goal (there are over 200 listed, seriously, this will last me years, though some of them, like the US will be sort of gimme books, because it is not difficult to find books set in the US by American authors) I am leaving it very open-ended. It can be a book set in the country, it can be a book about the country, or it can be a book written by an author from the country. It can be non-fiction or fiction and it can even be a kids’ book if I choose to explore one of these countries in book form with Dominic and/or Allen (how fun would that be, to learn together about a new place, to hopefully excite that love of the world in my kids?)

I will be keeping track of the books here on the blog for you and for me and I’ll probably include a little background about the countries when I review the books as well. I’m really excited about this and I can’t wait. I hope that you can’t wait either. 🙂

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