Life Update: July 15th, 2014

We have been having quite the busy week around here! Nick’s mom is visiting from Canada and of course, his sister Annalies is still here as she’s been staying with us this summer, so we have quite the full house! We talked about going to the splash pad this morning with Dominic, but it is quite cool today, so that isn’t going to happen, but we had lots of fun staying here and building with blocks and eating watermelon. It’s just a short visit, but on Thursday before we go take Nick’s mom to the airport in Chicago, we will swing by the Lincoln Park Zoo, since her flight is later in the day. Dominic is really looking forward to it and I am too.

Other than that, not a lot is new with Nick and me. We are kind of just settled into the routine of adult life. That’s all right though, I really kind of like it that way.

Allen is growing well and he’s moving all the time. I am past 20 weeks but not yet to 30 weeks. I have felt better this pregnancy overall than I ever did when I was pregnant with Dominic. Sometimes I would hear/read the second trimester referred to as the honeymoon trimester and with Dominic, I never, ever understood that. I was in a lot of pain, I was crazy emotional, and having panic attacks and it just was not a good time for me. But with this pregnancy, I understand that. I actually feel pretty great a lot of the time and while my energy levels are not close to where they were pre-pregnancy, I do have energy. I feel like myself. It’s been good to me so far and I am super grateful for that. It makes me glad we decided to try to have another kid even though I was so dead set against in the first time because of how awful my pregnancy was with Dominic. I also recently saw my back-up midwife at the hospital for the first of three appointments. It went really well and I liked her a lot and it’s good to know I won’t be hassled for choosing a free-standing birth center and that my back-up options are good and solid. I already feel good about my choices, but sometimes, even with choices we feel good about, we still have to fight for them, so it’s good to feel like you have support instead of judgment or nay-sayers.

It’s also been really fun to see Dominic grow in awareness of his baby brother. He knows that there is a baby in my belly and if you ask him what his baby brother’s name is, he knows his name is Allen. He will give his baby brother (aka my belly) kisses and hugs. It is the sweetest thing ever and it will be interesting to see what he thinks once Allen is here on the outside.

Also, I swear I said this last time, but it amazes me how much Dominic talks and how quickly he is picking up on language now. I can’t believe that was ever a worry of mine because that seems so silly to me now. He is obviously a bright and talented boy and I swear I’m not saying that just because he’s my kid. But he is growing up to be an awesome little kid and every day brings new challenges but also new excitements, giggles, and smiles. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Poor little buddy does have a cold now though and he’s losing his voice, which makes him sound rather funny and sometimes hard to understand. He, however, barely seems to notice he has a cold and keeps right on trucking, full steam ahead. Tomorrow I’m taking him to Korean drumming at the library. I bet he will really love it. He did last year. He is definitely a very music orientated kid. He’s very, very often singing, humming, drumming, and playing the piano (though not usually all those four at once!)

I’ll end with a picture, since I always have to put in at least one. This is one I’ve shared on my Facebook page already, but it’s still such a fun picture that it’s worth sharing again.


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