Parenting Book Challenge Update: All Joy and No Fun

So, I’ve probably read more than just this one parenting book since I took on the challenge, but this is the one I’m officially adding as my first one and crossing off my list. While the website hosting this challenge is no longer available, I’m going to stick through with it anyways.

I chose the toddler level, so that means I need to read 6 to 8 books. So this is the first of that.

The book I read was All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood by Jennifer Senior.

I will have to say this is a book that was not on my to be read list. It was in the new books section at the library. I have tried really hard not to pick up new books from there since I already have over 3,000 books on my to be read list (yes, that’s not a typo, it’s really a problem haha) so if I want to make any effort to finish that, I have to try to not get too distracted. But sometimes, the new books are just TOO alluring. They are right by the hold shelf so it’s pretty impossible to avoid seeing them. I saw the title of this one and it looked like something I would like. I said to myself, “No, I just got a new book from the hold shelf, that’s enough to read for right now.” So I walked away. Then I walked back. Then I picked it up and read the inside cover. Then I put it down and walked away. Then I picked it up again and read the inside cover again and it was at that moment that I knew it was going to come home with me.

Hi, my name is Melissa and I have a book problem lol.

But, at least I do not regret picking up this book. The book that I had on hold I ended up quitting because it just didn’t jive with me and this book that I picked up from the shelf I ended up loving. It was completely up my alley.

This book did not attempt in any way shape or form to tell you how to parent. Instead, it really came at it from more a historical/sociological standpoint. It really did its best to look at the ways that parenting has changed with time. It was chock full of real parents, studies, quotes, history and more. Most parenting books focus, in large part, on your children, but this one really sought to explore how having kids effects parents. It made me really think and reflect about what I am doing as a parent, what our society is doing, and whether or not all of the changes were good and on top of that, it gave me a few ideas for some future blog posts.

There are things in this book that probably could be considered depressing. There are some stats in there that might depress you, but more than anything I found it fascinating and in a small way, a little freeing. Things weren’t always the way they are now and I don’t have to do everything the way everyone else around me is doing things and my kids will still turn out fine.

Yes, I definitely see a future post in the works. So stay tuned.

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