100 Must Eat American Foods Challenge: Eggs Benedict

As you may remember, I am working on this list of 100 Must-Eat American Foods. For various reasons that would take a lot of space up to write (haha), I am skipping over a bunch of the ones I haven’t done. Most have to do with cost and/or ability to easily procure them in the state of Wisconsin. But, thanks to Sarah, who commented on my last food challenge post, I learned that there was a Hollandaise sauce mix I could buy, since making my own seemed completely intimidating in every set of directions I looked at. Especially for something I had never tried and didn’t even know if I would like.

Apart from the egg poaching and the Hollandaise sauce, the recipe is pretty simple. English muffin + Canadian bacon + poached egg + Hollandaise sauce. And if you’re like me, you can even cheat. You can use a Hollandaise sauce mix (cheat number one) and you can poach your egg in the microwave (cheat number two). But, if you are poaching your egg in the microwave, you need to really watch the time and check it very frequently. Or you will end up like me and blow up your egg. But don’t worry, I only lost one egg in this process, the next one came out better.

So then I toasted my English muffin, quickly friend my Canadian bacon which I slid on top of that, added the poached egg and then poured the Hollandaise sauce on top of it all.



I have to tell you, I really loved this. It makes me sad I’ve never tried it before. Especially with my cheats, it was not difficult. Now I am sure, doing it the non-cheating way, it would be a lot harder because poaching eggs on the stove top does not seem like it would be the easiest. Even though I googled and watched videos and asked for tips, it just seemed like it would be very easy to screw up. If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m not very confident in the kitchen, especially when it comes to new things, especially when both the technique and the result are new to me (I had never eaten a poached egg before). But I loved this and I would totally eat it again, only next time I need to get fresher English muffins because mine was a little stale. But it was still good. Also, I discovered I love poached eggs. I ate this Eggs Benedict yesterday and for lunch today I had two pieces of toast with peanut butter and honey and a poached egg. And actually, eating another poached egg sounds good right about now, so I might make myself another one lol.

So there’s another food checked off my list! Stay tuned to see what’s next.

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