Pinterest It: Plastic Bag Storage

I have a plastic bag problem. For real. I accumulate them like crazy. But I don’t just want to throw them out – they have a myriad of uses. Some of the things we use them for include liners for tiny trash cans, wrapping your shoes in your suitcase to protect the other stuff, separating dirty from clean clothes on a trip, and so on. I know you can recycle them, but I can never remember to bring them back to a store that does recycling, so that’s why I strive to find ways to reuse them.

But they seem to take up so much space! And I want some of that space back without just throwing them out in the garbage. So I tried this tutorial for folding them that I ran across on Pinterest.

I have to say it worked quite well. However, I couldn’t quite get them as small or as neat as she did, but I don’t quite care because they are still tons smaller than they were before. It doesn’t take a long time either, it’s a great busy work thing to occupy my hands while I’m watching TV (currently watching: Gilmore Girls). I am definitely going to be doing more of this until my plastic bags are tamed. Right now they are all jumbled in with the paper bags and boxes I’ve saved, but if I folded more of them like this, the whole space would be neater and it would be easier to find what I need.

One folded in my hand for size reference.

One folded in my hand for size reference.


As you can see, I just threw a bunch of mine in a box. But if you want a prettier option, Pinterest has a solution for that too.

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