Parenting Book Challenge Update: Help for Frazzled Moms

So okay, technically the 2014 challenge ended and the 2015 challenge started, but I just want to get through the goal I set of reading 6 to 8 parenting books, since I only read one (that I recorded) for 2014. So after today, I’ll have 4 more to go. The main reason that I do these challenges is not necessarily to finish them in time, but more to push myself to do things out of my comfort zone or to try new things. Now, with the parenting book challenge, that isn’t necessarily something new – I often read parenting books. But it is a good way for me to share books I read that I think others might like (or that they should avoid – but that isn’t the case yet!)

Tonight’s book is one that I picked up for free from Amazon. I am forever downloading books when they are free to my Kindle, ensuring that I am pretty much never without reading material. This book I downloaded back in September, but I just got around to reading it tonight. It’s Help for Frazzled Moms by Nancy Goodell. It’s 99 cents at the time I’m writing this and is available through KindleUnlimited. 

At an estimated length of 39 pages, it was a quick read. But it was one I thoroughly enjoyed and think will be helpful. It wasn’t exactly what I expected based on the title, but that was okay, because I actually liked what it was better.

In short, this little book is about how to help your frazzled, melting down children in ways that will help them learn and grow how to handle their emotions and without leaving you, the parent, frazzled and melting down as well. This is an area I struggle with because it’s hard not for me to take everything so personally. There was a moment earlier this week where Dominic was upset and I told him I loved him and he told me, “I don’t love you.” I know he didn’t really mean it, he was just upset at me, but it still hurt a little. Sometimes when he’s melting down it’s hard not for me to meltdown too, especially when it’s meltdown after meltdown, which does happen some days.

What I liked about this book the best, is that after every chapter there was a summary. These summaries combined with the book’s length will make it very easy for me to refer back to when I need a refresher/reminder. I’d definitely recommend it, especially since it is such a quick read.

4 more to go!

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