Routine – Love It or Hate It?

I have a question for you all, how do you feel about routines? Are you one of those people like me who thrives on routine or do you absolutely hate routines? 

Me personally, I thrive on routine. Especially, I think, since I’m home now, it kind of helps to add a rhythm to my day otherwise it can seem long and the same. It kind of help keeps the day moving along and kind of fills the “What do I do now?” that comes from being completely in control of your day. Most of the time we don’t have anywhere to go and when we do, it’s because I set the schedule.

So, if you have a routine what is it like? This is a bit what our routine is like now.

Normally I use an app called Motivated Moms (great app, I highly recommend it – it’s one of the few apps I’ve paid for and it is worth every penny because it helps me so much), but now I’m doing something a little different because I’m trying to get some special projects done that I want to get done, so I’m placing more emphasis on those now. But this is basically what our routine looks like now.

Wake up, get any boys who are awake (sometimes if I’m lucky they will both still be sleeping, but usually at least one of them is up), turn on the news, usually then I dress and nurse Allen if he is awake, otherwise I do that whenever he does wake up. Then we eat breakfast. After breakfast, I take a shower while Dominic watches a tv show of his choosing and usually Allen is down for his morning nap in the swing by the time all this is said and done. After I’m out of the shower and Dominic’s TV show is done, I get him dressed and then we usually do a learning or fun activity together. We both look forward to this time a lot. We didn’t do it yet this morning, but we will later this evening, as I was waiting for a book that I had on hold to come in and it’s here now, so I’m picking it up after Nick gets done with work. We plan on reading a kids’ book about Claude Monet and then painting. It will be a lot of fun, Dominic really enjoys art.

After that, I usually get started on the housework. Usually this is where the app I talked about above would come in, but I’m doing a paired down/lesser version of housework now, focusing on just the necessities and not the everything, like cleaning out the fridge and whatnot. After I finish with those lately, I’ve been pumping milk to save for my friend’s wedding and then working on my blog. I really love working on my blog, so I think in the future I’ll have to find that to make it a part of my time every day and not just some days. Mentally and emotionally, I’m better when I have this outlet. Then I start work on my special projects. Right now that special project is fixing our damaged books (the situation got out of control) and then putting the majority of them away so that we will only have about 40 out at a time. I plan on rotating them on a regular basis, so they all sort of have their time to shine, and I will also be trying to pair some of the books with what we are learning about that week. This week we are spending some time with the story of Adam and Eve and creation and so many of the books are about gardens, for the Garden of Eden.

That’s basically our day. Whenever noon comes about, I make lunch and after that Dominic goes down for his nap. We have dinner later, I usually start cooking around 5 when it’s going to take me awhile or closer to when Nick is going to come home if it’s not. It’s really nice with his new job he is home for supper every night. We start getting Dominic ready for bed around 8. And of course, I am nursing Allen on demand throughout the day when he’s hungry.

It’s not a fancy or complicated day, but it keeps things going and moving forward. I often listen to all sorts of podcasts while I’m working – I have whole hosts of them and Dominic can name most of them. Some are Bible readings or Christian programs, others are more learning based, and some are just for fun, like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. It keeps my brain active and thinking and learning while my hands are busy doing the same things that they have to do over and over every day (like hang the laundry, fold the laundry, run the dishwasher, etc).

So I realize that may be kind of boring, but I always wonder what other people’s days are like. I am definitely a routine person and it is comforting to expect roughly the same thing every day. Are you a routine person or do you just like to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it and don’t give it much forethought? 


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