James Bond Movie Challenge: Skyfall

So I’m watching my way through all the James Bond movies listed here. Just to stretch myself and get out of my regular watching habits and to try something different. So yesterday I watched Skyfall. My thoughts ahead – warning SPOILERS sweetie, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know.

In the beginning, I thought I wasn’t going to like it very much. It started very action heavy, which I don’t always mind, but I felt thrown into it with little/no context. There was fighting and there was talk of a list but I couldn’t figure out what the list was or even where on the planet they were. Once that started getting explained, I felt much better about the movie.

I don’t feel like the characters do a ton of developing in James Bond movies, a little bit, but not much, to be honest they seem to stay very the same, but despite that there were some very touching moments where you could see their humanity shine through.

Adele’s song was great! Not that I thought it wouldn’t be, but still, she deserves a shout out. Favorite character: Q.

There were a few plot holes. For one, they never explained how he survives being shot and then going into the water. Everyone thinks he’s dead. I thought he was dead, but they never explained how he lives. Also, I thought all the Bonds were just like a code name (that explains how they’ve been played by so many people over 50 years?) but yet the tombstone says his parents’ last names were Bond, so is it really his given name? Confused. Feel like if I had watched the Bond movies in order I would have a better sense? But maybe not.

The villain was smart and creepy all at the same time, which I appreciate in a movie villain. His story line of how he became a villain was pretty interesting too. I like complex villains, not just I am 100 percent evil villains. I like it when they have a background of what made them so evil. I also liked the more tech savvy elements to his attempted takedown of M.

I also liked in this movie the throwbacks to classic James Bond. With the music and the classic car. I also enjoyed the location of the final stand, Skyfall. It was a neat house and I learned some things about history I didn’t know.

All in all I didn’t love it, but I’d watch it again if someone I was with wanted to watch it.

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