100 Must-Eat American Foods Challenge: Open Faced Turkey Sandwich



Skipping around the list a bit, looking for ones that would be easy for me to do, I came across the open-faced turkey sandwich. Now this is kind of one thing that I have never tried that shocked me, because it seems like it would be a natural one for me to try. I really like turkey, I love bread, and add gravy, and it’s a happy combination right? Of course! I loved it. This is definitely a do again and I can see eating this at future Thanksgivings – or any time of year. It’s February, so I obviously didn’t eat this at Thanksgiving, but I do really appreciate a good turkey.

Now, this was probably not 100 percent traditional, as I made it on wheat bread instead of white (the loaf of wheat was already open and I hate having two open bread loaves at a time if I can help it) and the turkey was actually a Jennie-O Turkey Loaf. I just remembered eating them as a kid and loving them, plus it was like half the price of the fresh turkey breasts and I could easily just pop that part in the oven with minimal prep and minimal effort. I did, however, chop up some onions and saute them before adding gravy to them to make a nice sauce to pour over the turkey and bread and of course, I made stuffing to go along with it. I love stuffing and look for any excuse to eat it!

I would definitely eat this again. That is the best part of this whole challenge, is finding new things that I would eat again. Life can get boring eating the same things over and over, but sometimes you don’t know what new stuff to try and old standbys are comforting because at least you know they are good. But having a challenge attached to something really pushes me to get out there and try something new.

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