Conversations with Dominic – March 5th, 2015


This is one of the periodic conversations that I have with Dominic about these pictures. I’ll be in purple and he’ll be in the regular black. IMG_1500


Look! A picture of Dominic holding Allen!

What do you think of Allen?

I don’t know.

Is he your brother?


Do you love him?


What do you like to do with your brother?

Play with him on the mat. He might be in his bedroom, in his swing. Right mom?

That’s right. 

What are you doing in this picture?

Holding Allen

Are you giving him a kiss?



What do you see in this picture?

Painting. Like right there, that’s where I paint.

Do you like to paint?


What did you paint?

A man

You painted a man?

And letters. But letters.

IMG_1505What do you see in this picture?

Painting again.

What else do you know about painting? 

I don’t know. What do you think?

I think that you like to paint

What do you think?

I think that you have fun when you paint.

Did we read about any painters?


What painter did we read about?

Claude Monet!

And what did he like to paint?


Do you remember?

What mom?

He painted the water lilies right?

Yeah! Where’s Annalies, mom?

She’s in the basement, she’ll be up soon. Thanks for your help.



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