Pray for Tunisia

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I don’t know if you heard what happened last week in Tunisia. There was a horrible terrorist attack, where gunmen kill 23 people (at the time of writing – when I originally started this post, the death toll was smaller) and injured almost 50 people at the National Bardo Museum when two gunmen opened fire. The people were from all over the world – many of the victims were tourists, who didn’t call Tunisia their home.

The attack was meant to spark fear in the heart of people and to keep people away from Tunisia. I will say I didn’t know much about Tunisia before this attack, other than that it is a country in northern Africa, but I’ve since learned that tourism is a big part of their economy (15% of their GDP)*. And in a way, the terrorists are winning, as several cruise lines have taken Tunisia off their stops.

But social media is fighting back, with the hashtag #IWillCometoTunisia. People from all over the world are pledging to visit and saying that they are not afraid. And while I don’t know that I will visit Tunisia – limited funds and limited time here – I wouldn’t hesitate to go if someone offered me a completely paid for trip. Because I am not afraid to visit Tunisia.

What I can do though, is pray for Tunisia.

I can pray for the families who have lost a member of their family, that they would know God’s comfort and love during this horrible time.

I can pray for the injured people, that they would heal, both physically and emotionally.

I can pray a prayer of thankfulness for those who were not injured, like the Spanish couple and their unborn child, found hiding in a closet.

I can pray for the country, that they would be able to come together and find healing after an attack on their shore and that this attack would not harm their economy.

I can pray for the police, that God would help them do their jobs to the best of their ability and to catch anyone else who was involved in this attack, that future attacks might be prevented.

I can pray for the terrorists. Not the two who are already dead, but the ones who are at large and the ones who helped in the planning. The ones who are watching. I can pray that they might reconsider the lives they are leading and reconsider the way they are hurting people.

I can pray for the world, that we would learn to stand strong and united, and learn to live in peace.

Like I said, I can’t promise I will visit. But I can pray to my almighty heavenly Father.

And I can tell you this. I am not afraid. The terrorists do not get to win over me.


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