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“A brother is a friend given by nature.” – Legouve

Yesterday had some rough moments. There was lots of not listening and bad decision-making and tears and I don’t mean just with my kids either. It was rough all around.

But when things are feeling rough, I just have to look and remember how blessed I am. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.*

And one of the ways I feel so blessed is that I have these two little boys who not only love me so very much, but they also love each other abundantly.


I have a million examples I could give you, from the way Dominic always wants to know where Allen is and what he is doing and how he cares about what he needs when he’s crying. How he wants to hug him and say good morning and good night to him and how he asks to hold him almost every day. The way he wants Allen to come over to his toys so Allen can watch and play with him. The way Allen smiles at him when he sees him. The way Allen loves to watch whatever Dominic is doing.


I think the best example I have of this happened last week. I buckled Allen in his car seat first and Dominic had gotten distracted by something in the garage and so while I was trying to convince Dominic to get in the car, Allen started crying. As soon as I got Dominic in his car seat, Allen looked over at Dominic and stopped crying.


I just think when I look at them, this is love. I can see it in their interactions. Dominic is always so gentle with Allen and even when Allen may whack him in the face excitedly, he doesn’t get upset or anything. I am truly blessed for having Allen in my life also, but I just can’t believe how much having Allen around has blessed Dominic in his life. I always hoped they would be close when they were older, but I never imagined that such closeness could start when Allen was still so little. After all, it is hard sometimes for adults to connect with babies who can’t talk yet and who don’t do a lot. And in the beginning, Dominic just ignored him, wanted nothing to do with him. But now? There is just so much love and it fills my heart to bursting.


People always wonder how you can love your second kid as much as your first. That love just grows I tell you, that love just grows.


*Yes, I watched God’s Not Dead earlier today. That line stuck with me.

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