Witchcraft Couture Book Review

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Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review. So that’s what you’re getting – my honest review! 

Name of book: Witchcraft Couture

Author: Katarina West (I must admit, I was only half sold on the premise when I first heard of this book, but I decided to give it a shot based on Katarina’s background. She has a PhD in Political Science and as you may or may not know, my Bachelors is in Political Science and Writing. I don’t always run across other people who have both an interest in political science and an interest in creative writing, so I felt as if I had to take the shot.)

Summary:  “Oscar Pellegrini is a talented fashion designer with a deadly enemy: his own critical mind. He destroys much of what he designs and has been drifting for years, gradually retreating from the fashion business he loves but holding on to his dreams of success.

A chance meeting with a former girlfriend triggers a creative crisis so deep that Oscar escapes to Russia, where he drinks and despairs like never before. Just when he thinks he has lost everything he discovers a magical machine that turns ordinary outfits into irresistible sartorial triumphs. Oscar takes the machine back to Italy – and before he knows it, he has become famous for his designs, and celebrities and socialites are fighting to be first to wear his gorgeous garments.

But the happily-ever-after ending for the fashion messiah turns into a nightmare when his dresses acquire a life of their own, gaining energy and evil as time goes on. Haunted by his creations, a dark secret he is no longer able to hide, Oscar finds himself fighting for his life and sanity, and searching for the answer to a question he never knew existed.

Is there such a thing as stolen genius, and if there is, can it turn against the very person who stole it?”

Rating: 4 stars

Reason for rating: In this book, you get to watch Oscar’s incredible journey from the lowest point in his life, about to be fired again from another job, to becoming a world-wide sensation and what that does to his mind and the sacrifices he makes to get there. Let’s start with what I loved – the prose, the prose was beautiful. The images painted, the references to historical and cultural happenings, Oscar’s way of referring to people in colors rather than with names, it was just such exquisite writing. It was rambling, but it didn’t feel rambling. Much like no one can explain why the clothes make them feel the way, I can not quite explain why I love this style of writing.  I could have done without the sex scene and at times the book felt strange to me because unlike the fiction books I have recently read, it wasn’t action packed. But that’s all right, because it was equally interesting to see to see the way the mind works inside. It definitely made me think about what we are willing to sacrifice and for what we get it return and whether or not it is worth it. Despite being so so in the beginning (me? read a book about fashion) I really did enjoy it. I’d recommend the book to anyone interested in fashion (but even if you aren’t, it’s still a good read) as well as anyone interested in psychological thrillers. It would also be good for people interested in Italy – as it includes stunning descriptions of the Italian countryside.

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