Dominic’s Dressing Shelf

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I have to admit, this was very, very loosely inspired by Pinterest pin, but it’s almost nothing like the original, which is much cooler than mine haha. If you looked at it, you’d have no idea that that project was the inspiration. (See?)

As you may also know, we follow some Montessori principles in our household. We like the focus on independence and on helping teach children that they are capable. It’s worked really well for us. Lately, we’ve been working more with Dominic on dressing himself and so I decided that it would be a good time to take some of his clothes down from his closet and give him more control over what he wears. It’s a scary moment, a bit. I mean, I know I am not fashion forward in the least bit, but I at least think I match most of the time. And releasing this control over what he wears is a little like woah. Parenting has taught me so much that I am not in control of things, so it can be easy to clamp down on the things that I can control, but neither of us grow that way. But it’s like, the other night he picked a turtleneck to wear to bed. I just try to remind myself he’s the one wearing it, not me. He didn’t complain at all about wearing the turtleneck to bed so okay.

So anyways, I should show you the shelf.

This is Dominic's new shelf. The top shelf has books, the middle shelf has shirts and pants, and the bottom shelf has a bucket for diapers, a bin for socks, and some pj type clothes.

It looks very bare, so I feel a bit like I’m wasting shelf space, but I only wanted to put roughly 14 pairs of pants and shirts so that it wasn’t overwhelming. Plus, he has a lot of clothes, they wouldn’t all fit on there anyway. On the top, we have some books that he can read before bed or at nap time, there will also be some toys, but Dominic was playing with them when I took this picture. If you’re wondering about the sticker, it’s because this bookshelf came from a school that shut down. My mom bought it for just $2. I could probably get the sticker off, but it was upside down for a while and I totally forgot it was there. So when Nick anchored it, it was not that long until bedtime, so I wanted to focus on making the shelf fit the purpose I was going to use it for. On the top shelf, I put pants and shirts on it. On the bottom shelf, I have a bucket of diapers (with underwear underneath it, for whenever he potty trains (we’re slowly working on it), a sock bin, and some pajama clothes. The bucket and bin are an old ice cream bucket and an empty dishwasher tablet container. In the beginning, I did think about doing something prettier looking, but honestly, I am not the world’s most decorative person and I like to use what we already have whenever I possibly can. Maybe someday I’ll cover them, but they’re working for us for now.

So there you have it, that’s our shelf.

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