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I am so sorry I have been away from my blog for a bit! The weather is getting nicer and I’ve had some (sometimes stressful) personal stuff going on, as well as hosting a Bible study in my house, but I’m hoping that the #ETHANProject will help with some regularity this summer and that I can put some of this craziness that has been May behind me. I’m hoping June will be much better. That being said, let’s dive right in!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. As always, what you are reading is 100 percent my opinion and it hasn’t been influenced by receiving this book. 

Name of bookSkunk Tales: Making Sense of Scents

Author: Lynn Marie Hurtado

Summary: Lynn Marie uses her many life experiences (including with skunks!) to help teach children to see God all around them in their lives and how he can work out challenges for our good in this family devotional. Every devotion has a fun fact, discussion questions, scripture Skunk Tales Making Sense of Scents by Lynn Marie Hurtado book cover verses, song suggestions, activity suggestions, practical application suggestions, an idiom to learn about, and a prayer idea. 

Rating: 5

Reason for rating: This family devotional has 36 lessons, each one equally charming and purposeful. I honestly loved this book. The writing is simple without seeming dumbed down. The devotions are relatable, sometimes humorous, and always leave me with a smile on my face. It doesn’t feel fake like some well meaning devotion books that I’ve read where the situations come across very scripted. It feels very real and genuine – which I’m sure is because they are true stories! The sections at the end of every one are totally awesome too. I sometimes struggle with figuring out the practical application of God’s word, so kid friendly suggestions that I can use to help my kids see the connection between God’s word and our every day life are so helpful to me. As well as the discussion questions, it helps make for an interactive listening rather than just a passive listening. I think in the future, I might even tell them the idiom and what it means ahead of time so they can listen for it while I’m reading – that’s just one example of something I could do with it. At the back it also has a topical index that could be super helpful if you are looking for a devotion on something specific. The only bummer is that it is slightly too long for Dominic’s attention span presently. That’s normal – he’s 3. But I think in a year or two or if we read it while we are eating, it will be just perfect. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a family devotional. I would especially recommend it to homeschool families, as all the extra content makes it especially suited to learning. Fellow WELS friends, I have not read all the content, just about the 10 or so I have done with Dominic to get a feel for the book (I feel that is better suited for a review of a devotional book – as most of the time, one does not sit down and read a devotion book straight through), but I have not found any doctrinal issues in what I have read so far. It really is a lovely book and also a fun book and it does both those things while also packing a lot of meaning. 

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