A Lesson in Flexibility (ETHANProject 2: Enjoy the VIEW)

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Welcome to ETHANProject part 2, Enjoy the View! Let’s jump right in!

ETHANProject Enjoy the View Challenge DescriptionWell, I had super great intentions for this week. We were going to go to the beach! We live right on Lake Michigan, but we almost never go. Mainly because I am not an outdoorsy person in the least bit. But I was trying to push myself to get out of my comfort zone and do something that I thought the three of us (Dominic, Allen, and me) would enjoy.

Well one of the downsides of sharing a car is that you can’t just get up and go. You have to pre-plan pretty much everything in your life. So this was the day I planned to go to the beach because I could get the car then.

So, we got there and I get out of the car. I sunscreen myself first. Then I get Dominic out and start changing him into his swimming suit. He’s all changed into his swimming suit and then it starts to rain. Oh. So I change Dominic out of his swimming suit and get him all buckled back in his carseat. I guess the beach will wait for a different day.

This is a picture I snapped when we first got there. At least I got to enjoy the view of the lake driving along it.

Lake Michigan at Bradford Beach Now, there was a time where I would have let this really upset me. Where I would have let my ruined plans make the whole rest of my day a bad day. Because it is disappointing, especially when I work really hard to get up early and get all our stuff together so we can take Nick to work. But, parenting has really been helping to teach me a lesson in going with the flow. Especially with having two kids, you can plan the best you want, but things don’t always go that way. So, I said, what could I do with this rainy day? I thought, well, there’s a mall nearby with an indoor play space, I bet my kids would like that just as much.

And I was right. Allen climbing on a fish

Dominic on a train slide


What's that noise mom? They were doing construction next door.

“What’s that noise mom?” They were doing construction next door.

ETHANProject #2 Enjoy the View

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