What We’re Reading – July 8th, 2015

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I’ve decided to switch up the format of this a bit. Mainly because with two kiddos it is much too hard (read: impossible) to keep up with everything that we are reading and to write it down. But we have however switched to a book rotation. So instead of the hundred plus kids’ books that we own being on the shelf at a time, which was too overwhelming both for me and for Dominic, I generally keep about 40 on the shelf at a time. I usually pick some (or all of the, depending on the amount I find) to coincide with what we are learning about. Some are ours and some come from the library.

So, without further ado, here are the books currently on our shelf. Please note that these are Amazon affiliate links and so if you buy the book from that link, I’ll get a tiny amount of the funds. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about the books!

Books About Water and Boats

Books about Water and Boats

Books about the birth of Jesus

Books about the birth of Jesus

As far as what I’m currently reading, I haven’t cracked into it yet, but I just picked up Alice’s Piano: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer by Melissa Muller at the library. What are you currently reading and/or what are you currently reading to your kids?

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