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I’m a little late on this post, but here it comes, nevertheless! Just because I fell a bit behind this week doesn’t mean I can’t catch up! This week’s ETHANProject Challenge is to enjoy the dirt! Just in case you haven’t heard of the ETHANProject before, you can read about it hereEnjoy the Dirt ETHANProjectI was trying to think what we could do with dirt and then it hit me – dirt cake! I have a lot of fond memories of dirt cake from my childhood – like my friends’ who had dirt cake and sand cake at their birthday parties and then their mom would let us eat some for breakfast too. I realized I had never introduced Dominic to this concept, so that was what I decided to do! We used this recipe only with half the whipped cream, because I thought I had more in my freezer than I actually did (oops – does this ever happen to you?) It could definitely use more Oreos though! Maybe they’ve made the packages smaller. Or maybe the spring Oreos that I picked did have less, even though I didn’t think they did. I tried my hand at creativity and spelled dirt with the Oreos, haha! Can you see it? I wanted to add gummy worms, but forgot to pick some up and somehow, I felt gummy fish just would not be the right fit for a dirt cake.

Dirt Cake What ways can you think of to enjoy the dirt? I’m really glad to have been able to introduce Dominic to something that I have such fond memories of in childhood. He really enjoyed it, as evidence by the many times he has since asked me for it! What’s not to love about dirt cake though? Do you have any desserts from childhood that really stick out to you as your favorites? I’ll see you back next week for the next ETHANProject challenge!

ETHANProject Enjoy the Dirt


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