101 in 1001: Eat No Chocolate – For a Week?!

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I think I might have been a bit crazy when I added this to my 101 in 1001 list. Like seriously, what was I thinking?! I love chocolate! But eating no chocolate is all about self-control, an exercise in willpower. And I’m hoping that it will help me to make healthier choices in the snack department. Sometimes I think things like this are a struggle for me because I’ve been blessed to have the kind of body type where at least now, I can pretty much eat whatever I want and it doesn’t affect my weight (don’t hate me). But that doesn’t mean it is good for me and it doesn’t mean that I can’t make healthier choices.  It’s going to be hard as I have a couple of social events coming up and because we have hot fudge sundae poptarts and cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches in the house. But, I also have string cheese and guacamole and popcorn and peanuts – some better, non-chocolatey choices. So start tomorrow (I can’t today because I already had the delicious Chick-fil-A cookies – mmm), I’m doing no chocolate for a week. Anyone else in on this challenge with me? I’ll be posting a nightly update on my Facebook page and you can feel free to check in there if you choose to do this too!

No chocolate

Photo Credit: Kirti Poddar via Compfight cc Photo has been cropped and the no symbol imposed over the top by myself.

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