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You ever have something that you do all the time that even though you like the thing you can still get stuck in a rut? For us that’s going to the park. We love to go to the park, but we always pretty much go to the same 2 or 3 parks.

But the city of Milwaukee has so many great parks to offer, they’re worth at least checking out right? So for our enjoy something new, we checked out Lindsay Park.

When I arrived there I noticed a very funny thing indeed. The playground equipment at Lindsay Park is almost identical to the equipment at our local park. There are a few very minor changes – including color – but other than that, basically the same. It’s like I tried to do something new and still ended up basically at the same place. However, that playground has sand underneath it, whereas ours has wood chips, and Dominic especially enjoyed the sand and discovering the joy of burying one’s body parts (in this case, his feet).

Lindsay Park also has a wading pool, though I’m not sure when it is open – it wasn’t when we were there – and, to my surprise, a cricket pitch. To my greater surprise, there were actually people there playing cricket when we went. I did not know there was anyone around here that played cricket – I’m certainly not aware of a huge cricket following in the US. They were too far away from where we were to get any good pictures though unfortunately.

The kids did have a blast though! And sometimes the best part of trying something new is learning about yourself that you were willing to try something new. I definitely hope that at some point we can try even more new parks within our city. We really are blessed here in Milwaukee with such a beautiful parks system that it is totally worth taking advantage of.

Allen and Dominic playing at Lindsay Park

ETHANProject Enjoy New

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