101 in 1001: No Chocolate for 1 Week – Completed!

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I am happy to say that with a lot of will power and some stubbornness as well, I can cross eating no chocolate for one week off my list! Check out my day by day updates to the no chocolate challenge and then at the bottom I’ll wrap up my final thoughts.

Then on Day seven, I was sick. So that day of course it was very easy to eat no chocolate. Overall, this challenge was both harder and easier in some ways than others. I know it was just seven days, but I feel like I don’t crave chocolate quite as strong as I did before. It felt good though to have a goal to work towards – so I definitely think that can be a take away from this is to create goals for myself. I do that a lot with my blog I think – all my various challenges – but what you don’t realize is that when you are in school, all the goals are built in for you. Finish this paper, finish this class, finish this year. And I mean, I have long-term goals with my parenting and such – like to raise Jesus-loving capable awesome human beings, but those kinds of goals are hard to measure and quantify and they are very, very long-term and even somewhat out of my control. I think it is one of the struggles for me of being a SAHM is not necessarily having specific goals to keep working towards. I do think what this challenge tells me is that I am capable of making healthier choices when I want to, so that’s something I should keep in mind. Healthier and better for me is a choice and I am capable of making it.

No chocolate

Photo Credit: Kirti Poddar via Compfight cc Photo has been cropped and the no symbol imposed over the top by myself.

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