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Perseverance Quote Jeremy Abbott

Sometimes motherhood is hard. I make no secret of the fact that while motherhood is often rewarding and has it’s truly wonderful moments, it is also sometimes an exhausting struggle, especially when your kids are small and some days, it’s all you can do to just make it through the day or through the hour even.

But yet we persevere. We keep on keeping on. Sometimes, that’s all you can do. Sometimes, you don’t even know how you are doing it, but you are moving forward, you are taking care of them even when you’ve passed the point where you had energy to do so. Sometimes only by the grace of God. Because that’s love. And that love is moving you forward even when you don’t know how to carry on. You keep going through the rough days.

That’s why I picked this quote today. Jeremy Abbott is a figure skater and he’s done quite well for himself, but he’s never gotten that gold Olympic medal. But the medal is not all that it’s about. Sometimes it’s about keeping going when it would be easier to quit. And motherhood is often much like that. You will fail more often than you will like. You will lose your temper. You will do something you would rather not have. You won’t be able to be all and everything you would want to for your kids. You won’t be able to raise perfect kids. But you got to keep trying. You’ve got to find a way to keep moving forward. Oh I know sometimes it’s hard to keep moving forward when it seems like the same old thing every day – the same temper tantrums, the same dirty laundry, the same toys all over the floor – it seems like it never ends and it often seems pointless to do the things that will just be undone in a little while. But mom, persevere on. I know you can find the strength within you to carry on. Those little people are counting on you to do just that.

Do you ever find it hard to carry on? Where do you turn during those moments to help you keep going?  

Photo from salma.koueider on Flickr used under CC license, text added by me. 

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