Easy Paint Palettes for Kids

So I know you can buy paint palettes for kids, but I thought, there has to be a different way to do it. I’m not sure that buying something just for that purpose is warranted.

So I started thinking about whether or not there was something I could reuse. And sometimes, I use small Tupperware containers, but if you have a lot of different colors, then you may have like six or seven containers to wash. And while we have a dishwasher, that takes up a lot of space.

Then one day it hit me. Lids! We eat a lot of sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, etc and those things come with lids! They are easily washed and they are the perfect size to put a few different colors of paint on, plus if they get wrecked or otherwise trashed (hasn’t happened yet), I can easily get rid of them without feeling guilty. Bonus, it can also be great for color mixing!

Reusing Lids as Paint Palettes

I’ve also used egg cartons in the past as well, though those are obviously not as easily or often washed, but they can have their time and place to be used. Plus, you can cut them into the different number of cups you need.

What creative things have you re-used? 

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