Very Improvised Po’ Boy – 100 Must-Eat American Foods Challenge

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As you may know, I’m presently working my way through the 100 Must-Eat American foods and attempting to eat them all. I’m at 39/100 and the Po’ Boy is next on my list.

I do have to say that it is quite tricky making food that you really don’t know what it tastes like or is supposed to taste like. This version ended up very improvised, but I’m still glad I tried. This was also my first time really frying anything in oil, so that was a really new experience for me. I’ve been previously afraid to, but also I didn’t have the right kind of pan for it, but Nick recently got me a new pan for my upcoming birthday and it’s the perfect size. It was so much easier than I expected it to be. I followed this recipe from Simply Recipes and I used her hack to spread mustard on one side and mayo on the other instead of making the remoulade simply because I wasn’t sure how spicy it would turn out to be and I wasn’t sure if I could get Dominic to eat it if it was really spicy. I had some really awesome bread I was going to use with it, but then when I pulled it out it had gone bad past the point of no return. So I improvised and used hamburger buns instead because I had just fried all that shrimp, I was not about to let it go to waste!

Shrimp Frying Fried Shrimp Improvised Po' Boy

Verdict: It was a good sandwich! I had to improvise a lot so I think I only got a glimmer of what the real thing would be like, so it wasn’t 100 percent authentic, but it’s close enough for my goals of trying new things. And it was enough to say that I would try this in person given the chance. Allen had a deconstructed sandwich and loved it. Dominic did not like the original Po’ Boy sandwich I made, but then he ate one with just shrimp and mayo and he loved that.

Have you ever tried a Po’ Boy? What do you think of them? 

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