5 Biggest Pregnancy Milestones

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Even though I’m not pregnant, I still have a lot of passion for pregnancy and childbirth. Someday maybe I’ll take a leap of faith and become a childbirth educator, but for now I’ll stick with sharing my knowledge and passion with all of you!

Bringing a new life into the world is a big change, no matter if it’s your first or your fifth! Every baby changes you in ways you didn’t expect. It can be completely terrifying, but there are also a lot of fun things to look forward to! Here are what I consider to be the 5 biggest pregnancy milestones. (Note: In case this isn’t obvious, this is 100 percent my opinion only! Other people may consider different things their 5 biggest pregnancy milestones). 5 Biggest Pregnancy Milestones

Finding out you are pregnant

This is a moment of such anticipation and nerves as you wait for the test to show either positive or negative. And then the test is positive. You may be excited, you may be scared, you may be all of the above, but in that moment, your life is different. That sounds really cliché but it’s true. You’re suddenly aware of a new life growing inside you. If you’re anything like me, your mind starts racing with a million questions about who this little person might be. It’s a big deal and it comes with a mix of emotions, all of which are normal. It’s okay if not every emotion from the instant you find out is a positive one.

Hearing the heartbeat for the first time

In the first trimester, there can be a lot of anxiety about miscarriage, especially if you’ve ever had one before. That makes hearing the heartbeat for the first time all that more special, as once you’ve heard a good heartbeat, your risk of miscarriage drops. Not to mention, it’s an extremely special moment to realize, “Hey! That’s my baby!”

Feeling your baby move

As you get close to the time when you’re able to feel your baby move there’s a lot of questions. Is that my baby? Is it gas? Am I just imagining things? But when you feel the baby move for the first time that you’re sure of it, it’s a moment like “Woah, that’s my baby.” It’s a bit weird, but it won’t be long before they’re strong enough that their kicks sometimes even hurt and you can see your belly moving from the outside. Now that is a really weird experience, but fun at the same time. By the way, don’t be worried if you don’t feel them consistently in the beginning – they’re still small with a lot of room to move around. But towards the end, if you have a significant change in fetal movement, please contact your care provider for guidance.

Anatomy scan

While you may or may not have an early ultrasound, the large majority of women have an ultrasound around 20-ish weeks, also known as the anatomy scan. This is probably my favorite part of the whole pregnancy because it’s so much fun to see your little one up there on the screen. This is also the time that most people who want to find out if they are having a boy or girl are able to do so. This is also the time when you found out if everything is progressing well and there are no issues with baby or placenta. Hopefully there aren’t, but if there are, this gives you time to prepare and plan with your care provider.


Babies enter the world every day in a million different ways. No two birth stories are alike! No matter how your baby arrives, birth changes you. And seeing and holding your baby for the first time? There’s absolutely nothing like it. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride because this is it – your baby is here! And they’ll keep on changing your life for the rest of their lives.

Which one of these pregnancy milestones do you look forward to the most? What are some other pregnancy milestones that you celebrate? 

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