The Ultimate Resource Guide to Helping Kids Learn Their Names

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I present today’s post: the ultimate resource guide to helping kids learn their names. There is sure to be something here for everyone! From quick and simple name learning activities to complex ones to messy ones and more!

The Ultimate Resource Guide to Helping Kids Learn Their Names

Those are all free resources above, but down here we have some resources that cost money.

You can also use custom name books! We have a few and the boys love them. Below are the places we have books from. Disclaimer: This section contains an affiliate link. 

  • I won a Lost My Name book for Dominic in a giveaway several months back and he just loves it! The quality and writing are excellent. If you purchase from my link, you will receiver 15% off and if three people purchase we’ll get a free A-Z book with the entire alphabet.
  • Dominic loves the personalized name items we’ve received from Frecklebox (I won a gift card). Shipping is fast and the quality is great. We especially love their puzzles.

So there you have it! All the resources that you could ever want or need for helping your kid(s) learn their names!

Do you have any helpful hints for helping kids learn their names? Did you write a post with some ideas for helping kids learn their names? Leave your thoughts or links below and I’d be glad to include them! 

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