All About Me: A Baby’s Guide to Babies by David Salariya Story Exploration

This is a new feature that I hope to bring to my blog – story exploration! In case the name is not self-explanatory, I plan to take some kids’ books and expand them. Give you ideas to connect the world and experiences around you to the book. Sometimes the activities will be deep, sometimes the activities will be simple, but I hope they are all easy ideas that you can incorporate with your children. Disclaimer: This post does contain a few affiliate links! I’ll get a tiny amount of money if you choose to buy the book from Amazon. 

Today’s book is All About Me: A Baby’s Guide to Babies by David Salariya. While I love to read stories to the kids with beautiful illustrations, I also think there is a great value in having books with pictures of other babies, like All About Me is. Most of these activities are definitely geared towards little, little kids. I did these with Allen mostly, (though Dominic jumped in too), because I believe it’s never to young to read with your babies and all of these are basically games to him.

The first page spread is an overview of all of the body parts. This would be great to connect with a simple song or rhyme that emphasizes body parts. We chose to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

The second page spread focuses on a curious baby. I’ve noticed lately that Allen is really fascinated with pulling tissues out of the box or wipes out of the box or just anything out of a box (ha!). We got these free wipes clutches in a box of wipes a few months ago and while I use one of them for my diaper bag, the other one just sits around. Well, I decided to put a scarf in the empty clutch and let Allen pull it out.Scarf play to engage a curious baby

The third page spread focuses on a busy baby and the fifth page spread focuses on a flexible baby – I combined these because I feel like they really go well together. Now I will tell you the truth, Allen definitely does not need any help being busy or flexible! But I wanted to do something different and fun for him, so I created an obstacle course out of common household objects. The boys had a complete and total blast with this! I did this when Dominic was younger too and forgot about it, but they enjoyed it so much.

Climbing over an "obstacle course"

The fourth page spread focuses on an expressive baby. This was a hard one to think of something for, but I settled for playing a game with Allen where I made different faces for him and identified them. Happy face, sad face, surprised face, funny face, and so on.

The sixth page spread focuses on a splashy baby. Well, I have two kids who happen to looooove water. Allen even pushes the chair up to the sink and peers in it all the time. It’s December and while the weather has (many days) been unusually warm, it’s not playing outside with water warm. So we had some indoor water play time.

Dominic and Allen enjoying water play in our kitchen

The last page spread focuses on a sleepy baby. For this one actually, Dominic and I pretended to sleep. Dominic thinks pretending to sleep is hilarious and this basically ended up being not at all in the least bit sleep like as Dominic laughed and then they were all climbing on me, but it was fun. And sometimes, that’s what it’s all about.

I hope these have given you some fun ideas that you could do with your kids, either with or without the book All About Me: A Baby’s Guide to Babies by David SalariyaIf you try any of these activities or if you have your own ideas based on this book, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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