Donbas Unfiltered Review

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Name of book: Donbas Unfiltered

Author: Kat Argo

Summary: Donbas Unfiltered examines life of separatists from Donbas, Ukraine and the media coverage surrounding them. Exploring different people as well as some of the media coverage, it really tries to get at the heart of the matter about who these people are and what they are like, why they would choose to fight in this conflict, and the slivers of truth among conflicting stories and reports.  

Rating: 2 1/2 starsDonbas Unfiltered Book Cover

Reason for rating: This book is an interesting book for sure. It explores some of the side of the Ukrainian conflict that you don’t usually see and takes a more personal look at some of the players in this conflict. I felt I learned a lot about these people who I hadn’t considered before and that it helped me to take a closer look at the people and not just the big conflict. I loved the author’s sense of humor because if a book about conflict can make you laugh, then that’s something different and it did help lighten up what could otherwise be a very serious topic. And I especially enjoyed the ending where she talks about Don Quixote because I felt I could really related since I’m currently reading that. However, I felt at times that the book was poorly edited and that it could have benefited from a more careful proofreading to make it a really solid book. I also feel it could have benefited from some pictures and maps, just to connect the reader even more to what you are reading. I’d recommend it, though, despite that, to people who are willing to push past that and see a different side of the story presented. 

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