Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Review

Have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie? I am sure you must have. But not all chocolate chip cookies are created equal! I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe today and in my opinion, it was really excellent! It makes big, soft cookies that are oh so delicious! I had two kitchen helpers helping me out today, Dominic and a friend, and we made up a batch of these thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies from Good Cheap Eats. I have to tell you that these cookies were delicious and easy to make making them a complete win in my book.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Collage

There are the cookies before baking and after baking on the bottom and the boys enjoying some cookies on the top! The boys totally loved them, but then again, who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? In case you were wondering, I did not add m&ms to the batter. Those are Christmas chocolate chips that I bought on clearance after the holidays were all over haha! Hey, they taste just as good as the regular chocolate chips, so why not? I love it when I find awesome things on clearance, don’t you? Anyways, I highly recommend you check out this cookie recipe over at Good Cheap Eats!

Let me know what you think if you try this excellent chocolate chip cookie recipe! 


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