Life Update – 2/9/15

It’s been a whirlwind here at our house lately. As you may know, we took the boys to Canada to visit family at the end of last year/the beginning of this year and that trip was quite the adventure! It was full of a lot of firsts for us – first time flying with two small children, first time for the boys of being in a different country and of flying on a plane, my first time trying Ollie Bolen and croquetten (which I might have spelled wrong), Dominic’s first time sledding, and many more I am sure. On our way home, our flight was delayed and then cancelled, leading to a sort of nightmare, but we made it home eventually, after spending more hours in an airport than I ever wanted to spend.


Immediately after we returned from Canada, Nick started his new job. It has been going well and he enjoys it. We are so thankful that God provided this job for him and we look forward to seeing where it takes him!

Nick with Allen sitting on his lap driving


Things are often the same old, same old for me. People ask me, “What’s new?” and I often don’t have anything to say! I enjoy my time at home with the kids and am blessed to be able to fellowship with a wonderful group of women from my church. I feel really, really blessed that I enjoy what I do so much and that I have tried to bring things more in balance for myself here at home and that while things are never perfect, things are good, and I am blessed. Don’t think I have everything together though! Sometimes people say they think I do, but the reality is that yesterday Allen dumped out the salt shaker everywhere and spilled a bowl of milky cereal and Dominic tries to be a mini-parent to Allen, which is its whole set of problems, but while I still have bad days, I have been working so, so hard on contentment and on asking God to help me find contentment, and it is working. It’s a blessing. But things aren’t perfect. And I’m getting to a place in my life where I can be okay with things not being perfect.

Blurry selfie of Allen and me


3 is such a fun age of being able to see such personality emerge. It’s also sometimes a challenging age – threenager is not an exaggeration. But he is such a joy most of the time. He loves to read and is really getting into making up stories and pretending. He sings all the time, songs he knows and songs he makes up. He taught himself the sign language alphabet briefly, though I don’t know if he still remembers it, it’s been a couple of weeks since he’s been asking to show me, and has been working on learning how to write letters. This he self-initiated which shocked me completely, but I can roll with it. We’ve been learning all about opposites lately, which Dominic has really taken to, thanks to Leapfrog’s Museum of Opposites that he watches sometimes, but we’ve enjoyed this chance to firm up the concept even more. I will say that homeschooling and parenting in general is one big lesson in letting go of control and reminding me that them learning something is far more important than them doing it perfectly. But overall, Dominic loves to learn and looks forward to our learning time every day. Sometimes he cries if I don’t have any learning planned for that day. This kid, I tell you, he’s special. Then again, I think both my kids are special and probably always will because I’m their mom. True facts.

Collage of some of Dominic's O activities


Allen is 15 months and it’s amazing to see the ways that he is both similar and different from Dominic. Like Dominic was, he is a climber. Only unlike Dominic, he is way more extreme in his climbing. He’s also a very affectionate kid. He gives me lots of hugs and kisses and will rub your back when he wants you to rub his back. He also talks a lot. I will say at this age with Dominic I was texting my best friend (she’s a speech language pathologist) all the time because I was worried that he was behind on his speech. I have not had this fear with Allen for a second because he talks so much. It’s crazy to me, because before this I couldn’t imagine such a little kid having so many words. Most adorable thing he does now is he says “MMMM” very loudly whenever I put food in front of him.

Allen peaking out from behind a recliner

Every day with kids they grow a bit more and I know it’s completely sappy, but I’m looking forward to the ways they will change and grow in the next days, weeks, months, and years. 🙂

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