Geeky Posters: Where Will You Go?

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I’ve done two homeschool posters already and they were wildly popular, especially “Our Other Schoolroom is a TARDIS.” So today, I present you with another one. Another two actually, because I couldn’t decide which I wanted to go with. One is more homeschool oriented, but the other focuses on your library. Libraries are a great resource and I appreciate our library so much, it only seemed right. As usual, I will share these on my Facebook page, in case you would like to easily share them with others. (Feel free to give me a like while you’re over there of course 😉 )

Where will you school today? All locations now boarding at your imagination.

All Locations Now Boarding At Your Imagination (113 downloads)

All locations now boarding at your local library.

All Locations Now Boarding at Your Local Library. (108 downloads)

I hope you enjoy!

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