Guess Who Loves You Song

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Dominic makes up little songs all the time. And sometimes, I wonder, where did he get this from? Then I catch myself singing a song that I’ve made up and I’m like, Oh, me, hahaha.

This one is a simple song that I improvised to a common melody. I love it and sing it to them and I thought that other people might love it and sing it to their kids as well.

You sing it to the melody of “Are You Sleeping?” or alternatively titled, “Frere Jacques.”

Guess who loves you? Guess who loves you?
Mommy does. Mommy does.
She will always love you. She will always love you.
Every day. Every day.

This song can easily be altered to be about any two-syllable name – daddy, Jesus, grandma, grandpa, opa, opa, so on and so forth and the pronoun I can easily be changed to he or she was well.

I feel sometimes with songs that reading the words is just not enough. Sometimes I read them and it’s like, “Sung to the tune of x” and I’m like “Uhhhh, I don’t know x in the first place!” So I’ve included a short video of myself singing the song.

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