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I love podcasts. I’ve been into podcasts since I was in high school and most people had never heard of them. I often listen to podcasts in my home and Dominic can name most of them and sometimes pretends to be Peter Sagal. Now, they are much more popular and people often ask for recommendations. So, I am starting a series to share my favorite podcasts with you. I hope that you’ll discover newYou're the Expert gems along the way. I’m starting off today with a podcast called You’re the Expert.

Like some of my other favorite podcasts, You’re the Expert is a live show. It features a panel of comedians attempting to guess about the unusual studies on one professor. First they have to figure out what their job is and what they study in a 20 questions type format, then they talk a lot about their job and it includes fun games, like the game that involves jargon where the comedians have to guess what common words in their field mean. It’s a hoot and a riot. It combines information about research with humor for a witty combination that always has me laughing. For an idea of what it’s like, some of their guests have included neuroscientist Dr. Robert Provine, who studies behavior such as laughing, farting, and sneezing, and Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, who studies dogs to figure out what they think and feel.

If you want to get a feel of what they are like, they have a list of some of their favorite episodes to help you get a feel for the show.

I’d recommend this to anyone who wants a bit of humor while they learn something and who enjoys engaging their brain. I’m comfortable listening to this around my kids, but as always, I recommend you pre-screen because everyone has different levels of comfort with what they allow their kids to hear.

Have you ever listened to You’re the Expert? Are you a fan? Favorite episode? 

(FYI, I’m not being paid for this or anything, I’m just a bit podcast obsessed! They are great for doing laundry and dishes and other mundane tasks that I often have to do). 

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