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This post contains affiliate links which will generate me a small portion of the sale if you buy through them. I also was not paid for this post, though Motivated Moms did generously sponsor this giveaway. I’ve been a long time user of Motivated Moms and I truly believe in their app! 

Listen, ya’ll, I am not a neat person by nature. Cleanliness and order do not come easily to me. And being home with the kids all day and being responsible for a large part of the housework, I just didn’t know where to start. Drop me in a house and tell me to clean it and I’ll be instantly overwhelmed. Everything will seem like it needs attention. Then, I’ll just shut down and do nothing because that’s easier than figuring out where to start.Motivated Moms

It’s no secret that I have always found systems helpful. I systemize as many things in my life as I can. I even have a system for picking books from my to read list. So, I figured, I’ll just find a system for my house cleaning. I tried a lot of systems. I tried Flylady, which so many people swear by, but I found it overwhelming and frantic, so it fell by the wayside very quickly.

I tried lots of systems until I found Motivated Moms. That’s the last system I ever tried – because it stuck! I’ve been using this app now for quite some time and have seen it go through many changes and versions. But every change is just a step up for Motivated Moms – it just keeps getting better.

So, what is Motivated Moms? It is an app and a printable ebook – whichever format you prefer – that organizes your cleaning tasks. Some tasks are daily- like load/run/empty the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen and entryway, and clear/wipe the kitchen counters. Then tMotivated Moms task list here are tasks that rotate and repeat – like change the sheets in the master bedroom and clean the middle shelf of the refrigerator. You do the tasks and check them off and then boom, you are on your way. Let me tell you all the reasons I love this system.

It’s hard to screw up.

If you miss a task, it will come around again in a timely manner. If you are gone for a day, it’s easy to pick up where you left off.

It’s spread out.

I don’t do all my vacuuming or all my laundry on one day. Systems that have days devoted to one whole thing don’t work for me. I find that boring and daunting all in one. But with Motivated Moms, it’s spread out well. Vacuum the bedrooms on one day, vacuum the main rooms on another day. Bigger tasks get broken down into smaller, more doable chunks and I don’t feel like I’m spending my whole day cleaning.

It’s fun to check things off.

I don’t know about you, but there is something really gratifying about checking a task off. It makes me feel accomplished and like I got stuff done.

Motivated Moms is more than just chores.

It also includes daily Bible readings. You may not be interested in this and you can easily turn it off if you aren’t, but for me, this has been a great way to ensure that I am both taking care of my house and my spiritual life. I also love that it includes reading to your kids! I mean, no one has to tell me to do that, but reading to your kids is so valuable and it makes me feel like Motivated Moms really shares my values. It also encourages self-care, I feel like, with exercise being a daily task and pamper yourself being a weekly task, for example. I think we all know we should do these things, but having them on my list has helped me to recognize them as important things and not just things that get delegated to if there’s time.

It remembers how often to do things so that I don’t have to.

For example, when it comes to say changing the sheets, pre Motivated Moms I was always like “When was the last time I changed the sheets? It was recently, right? Maybe?” But Motivated Moms stays on top of that so that I don’t have to.

Their customer service is excellent!

The one or two times I’ve had issues with the apps – not very frequently compared to the years I’ve been using it – they also respond quickly and are able to get the problem sorted out. You can tell that they really care about putting forth a quality product.Motivated Moms Today's Tasks

As you can see, there are many reasons that I love it! The e-book and the app are both great. The ebook comes in dated pages that you can print off week by week, with spaces to check off the daily tasks every day and then the other side has the extra tasks broken down by day, things that need to be done less frequently than daily. This is a nice format for those who like to deal in paper.

I usually like to deal in paper, but I have to say, the app wins for me hands down. I like the ability to sort tasks by room and you can also assign tasks to people and color code them – the app will even sync across devices! I also love how easy it is to add custom tasks and how you can make them repeat at a chosen interval. For example, I always menu plan on Fridays and so I have it set up to repeat every week on Fridays. I like that it saves my data in my account so that when I switched phones, it was a seamless transition as once I signed in, it loaded all my custom tasks and preferences.

To buy, on your android or iOS device, you can get the lite version of the app for free, which has a demo of two weeks worth of tasks, so you can see if you like it or not. The initial buy of the app is $1.99 and includes 2 months subscription. Then, after that you have the choice of paying 99 cents for a month or $7.99 for a year. Really, you all know I am very cheap and can count on two hands the number of apps I have ever paid for in my 6+ years of owning devices that are capable of apps, but I have found this to be one purchase that is totally worth it. The ebooks are $8 (or $4 if you buy just have a year – a great way to get started!)

And I’m fortunate to be giving away Motivated Moms app or e-book to one lucky reader! Already have Motivated Moms app or want to buy it and get started right away? If you win, you can choose a subscription extension as your option. So basically, anyone and everyone should enter! What have you go to lose?

Motivated Moms Giveaway!

Motivated Moms

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