On Celebrating the Small Victories

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I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Olympics + co-op + homeschooling made me very busy for the past couple of months. While I am still busy, I am trying to slide in more time for blogging. In this post, I am very real and honest and vulnerable. Thanks for reading and for being kind with your comments. 

Celebrate our small victories

Last week, our co-op was at a new park I had never been to.

And I got lost.

I got really, really lost. Like 45 minutes late lost.

And when we had been lost for 20 minutes already, I felt really bad. First of all, because I hate being lost, and second of all, because I was feeling upset about being late.

But, I called the person in charge of co-op that day and I doubled down my determination and I eventually found the park.

And I didn’t cry.

This may not seem like much to you. Maybe you have never cried when you’ve gotten lost. Maybe you’ve never felt like crying when you’ve gotten lost. But when I get lost? I feel flustered and overwhelmed and yeah, I’ll admit it, most of the time I cry.

I’ve always been kind of a sensitive soul, always been a person who cried pretty easily, but especially since the kids were born, I feel like that kicked it into high gear. I always cry at the end of Big Hero 6, even though I know it’s coming.

And I know that it’s easy to look at so many big things that people are successful at. The promotion at work. The new job. The new house. And so on and so forth. And while those things are wonderful things to celebrate, don’t get me wrong, they are also rare things.

While they affect our lives profoundly, they are not there in the every day. We don’t live life in those big moments, which come and then are gone. We live our lives in the everyday moments.

And I think that those every day, small personal victories are something worth celebrating. To other people, they may not seem like much, but to you, they meant something. And so I think it’s okay that you share those. I think it’s okay that you celebrate those. In fact, I think it’s necessary, in some regards. If you wait for the big moments to celebrate, you might be waiting a long time.

So celebrate keeping your cool when your toddler throws a huge tantrum. Celebrate not getting flustered when you get lost. Celebrate trying something new that you were afraid to do. Celebrate making that phone call to your insurance company that you didn’t want to.

I don’t know what things are small, personal victories for you because they’ll be different for each one of us. But if you share them with me, I’ll join you in celebrating too. The bulk of our lives is in these small, everyday moments. So let’s not hold our celebration off until the big things. Let’s start celebrating the small things today.

What small victories are you celebrating today? 

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