What We’re Reading – 11/2/16

Here’s an update on what we’re reading lately in our house!

Disclaimer: The Amazon links are affiliate links and if you buy the books through Amazon, I will get a small bit of the money. 


The Fever Code by James DashnerAfter reading four parenting books in a row, I definitely needed some dystopian reading to cleanse my pallet. It is not secret that dystopian is absolutely my favorite genre. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to it, but probably for similar reasons that I was drawn to study politics. I like to think about the way the world works. So, with all that being said, I am currently reading The Fever Code by James Dashner. I’m about halfway through so far. The book is a prequel to the Maze Runner books I actually think that I am loving it  more than the original ones. Not that the original ones were bad, but if I were ranking my favorite dystopians in order, I didn’t love them the way that I love some books. But this one, I’m definitely loving. No spoilers though! Since I haven’t finished and I had it on hold for three weeks before I could get it from the library, so I’m definitely savoring it. Though really, I’m tempted every day to blow off all my responsibilities and just finish the book. This is also satisfying in its own way. I read three more chapters last night then I told myself I was going to. You ever do that? “I’ll just read one more chapter.” Like multiple times.


If you have ever seen our basement, you know that we have a lot of kids’ books. Over 700 in fact. No, that is not an exaggeration. I know because I catalog them all so I don’t end up with duplicates. Because of this enormous amount, we only keep 40 (give or take) upstairs at a time and swap them out. So, here’s what’s currently on our shelves. I’ve starred our family favorites. By the way, I am not trying to rush Christmas along by having Christmas books up here, but the reality is that we have a lot of Christmas books, mainly owing to our advent calendar being made of Christmas books. The boys enjoy reading them all year round, so we often have some out at every point in the year. I don’t see anything wrong with it, especially the ones that focus on Jesus.

So that’s what we’re reading, what are you reading? What are your kid(s) favorite books right now? 

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