Well, We Voted

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Today we voted. (No, don’t ask me who I voted for, I won’t tell you, you can read this instead.)

I took my kids and I tried to explain to Dominic what it means to vote (he didn’t quite get it yet) and what it means to be a citizen (aka, why dad and Oma and Opa can’t vote). But I wanted him to see it and I wanted him to know that this is important. That we get this right and this privilege and that is special and we should exercise that right. It wasn’t too terrible. 5-10 minute wait. I was voter number 180 for our ward at about 9:30, but our polling place serves three wards.

I feel dread over this election, but to them, it’s just another day. They don’t quite get it yet. So I just let their joy fill my heart. After we voted, we went to the park and they loved it. Four years ago when I voted with Dominic it was so cold I had to dress him in a snowsuit, but the weather today is gorgeous.

I hope when they grow up they understand what a privilege it is to vote. I hope when they grow up, they vote in every election that they can.

I hope when they grow up, they never fail to see the beauty and joy that there is in the world. We have much to be thankful for. Let’s focus on that.

Dominic Pre-voting selfie img_1088 He loves swings Dominic wanted to push him Walking backwards

Go vote! 

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